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About jack-o'-Lantern
& the beanstalk

Jack-o'-lantern & the Beanstalk is a project designed by John Meyer and Hugo Perez, graphic designers at Adcetera, a marketing and advertising agency in Houston, TX. Every year, Adcetera holds an elaborate pumpkin carving contest amongst it's employees. Hugo and John teamed up this year to create a new romantic gothic interpretation of the fairy tale classic. Visit Batcetera, to find out more about the yearly competition.


About john meyer

John is an Art Director at Adcetera with a pension for web UI and system design. He has a love of hipster and nerdy culture.


about hugo perez

Hugo is a Senior Designer at Adcetera and artist
creating in Houston, TX. He paints with acrylic and pastels to create expressionist artworks.


About adcetera

Adcetera is a 34-year-old, Houston-based advertising agency made up of the most strategic, most creative people on the planet. Our nearly 100-member team of designers, writers, programmers, animators, strategists, and account service people work like dogs to create memorable content for brands around the world.