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John michael meyer

John Michael Meyer is a senior interactive art direct with over 15 years of experience in interactive, print and motion design.

I am a senior art director, in charge of the interactive design team at ADCETERA, one of the largest marketing firms in Houston, TX.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from The Art Institute of Houston where I learned the foundations of what would be an obsession with layout and typography for years to come. Shortly after I became the art director and PR coordinator for The Art Institute of Houston and all it’s subsidiary schools. While at The Art Institute I worked on print collateral, display work, and artist endeavors showing off the wide offering of design and art offerings including graphic design, culinary, and fashion.

In 2011, I started at ADCETERA as a generalizing graphic designer, and quickly it became obvious that I had a passion for interactive work, becoming one of the first web focused designers in the firm. Now as a senior art director, I art direct and manage a web focused design team and work directly with UX and UI designers and well as developers to make sure we’re putting out the best interactive creative we can.